2023 Projects

Some major renovation projects took place in 2023, thanks to the generosity of a travel group called Caring Americans on Safari!

2021 Projects

We are very excited to continue our work with an emphasis on projects that empower the students.

2020 Projects

2020 has also been a game changing year for the Kibaoni Primary School.

2019 Projects

We have a number of exciting projects moving forward in 2019.

2018 Projects

During our visit to the school in 2017, we discovered that the dining hall and kitchen was in need of repair.  We decided to fund a project to repair the entire building and redesign the cooking area to make it a much safer environment for the KPS students and staff.

2017 Projects

In 2017, the Kibaoni Primary School Foundation addressed the need to complete and furnish the new constructed library and administrative building and repair the solar power system that was damaged during a storm.

2015 Projects

After much delay, both planned and unplanned, the Library/Administration Building construction began in March, 2015. In addition to the library/administration building, a much-needed new latrine facility with 12 stalls is under construction.

2012 - 2013 Projects

Our renovation and painting project to rehabilitate the older classrooms was completed. What had been rather drab spaces are now bright and inviting places to teach and learn.

2011 Projects

Construction of this classroom building began in early November. We anticipate the building being completed early in 2012. Once construction is complete Sylvia intends to provide funds to furnish each classroom.

2010 Projects

After several planning sessions between Jim Furner from our foundation, members of the Yale Alumni group and the Staff and Parent Committee of the Kibaoni Primary School it was determined that building a combination kitchen/dining hall would allow the school to take advantage of a World Food Organization program that would provide all 750+ students with a second meal each school day.

Early Projects 2008 - 2009

During our transition to a formal foundation we also addressed two facility needs: running water fountain for drinking and building a new latrine to be used by girls. These two projects were fully operational in 2009.