Library Furniture

We approved $15,405,000 Tsh ($7002) to fully furnish all four rooms in the library.  All items that were requested by the faculty at KPS were included.  The only variance is that the number of teacher's desk was reduced from 20 to 16.   With the most recent staff reductions at the school, this is likely not an issue and may actually give them a bit more room to move about.  The furniture turned out really nice and enables full utilization of the new space.

Solar Repair

We approved 1,497,500 Tsh ($681) for the replacement of the damaged solar inverter and repair of the solar power system.  We approved an additional 1,400,500 Tsh ($637) to move the solar power system including the solar panels to the new administrative library building.  This will help to protect the system from theft and water damage.  This additional amount also included wiring the library for the solar and connecting the computers and printer.  We had planned on moving the solar to the new building in the future, but it is more cost effective to move it as part of the repair as the contractor from Arusha will be on site.  The solar power inverter and batteries now reside in the locked strong room which has a steel security door.

Library Ceiling Board Project

We approved 4,112,550 Tsh ($1,869) for the "ceiling board project" for the library.  The only ceiling the in the new library building that was finished was in Anna's Office.  This allowed noise to travel from room to room which was not conducive for a good learning environment.  Therefore, we need to add ceiling boards to the main library room, the teachers room and the small classroom.  This controlled both the noise and temperature in the building.  We also added some additional ventilation to remove heat from the building and improve air flow.