Monday 30 November 2020
Posted by:  6:19 AM CST

We have run water lines from the new well to all of the latrines, dining hall and other access points on campus to ensure that the kids have proper access to the new water supply. In addition to providing a safe and reliable source of drinking water, it also provides (more)

Posted by:  5:36 PM CST

A well was drilled at the Kibaoni Primary School!

Saturday 2 November 2019
Posted by:  8:58 AM CST

The KPSF is pleased to announce that all of the projects that we have been working on over the past year have been completed.

Posted by:  8:48 AM CST

The build out of the new teacher's latrine is nearing completion at the Kibaoni Primary School.

Posted by:  8:54 AM CST

The board members (and a couple of guests) met on July 27th in Chicago to do some strategic planning and discuss the direction of the foundation

Sunday 21 July 2019
Posted by:  3:14 PM CST

Work continues on the repair and latrine projects. Thought we would share some recent pictures.  Thanks again to all of our friends and donors for making these projects possible!

Saturday 13 July 2019
Posted by:  9:57 AM CST

Work is moving rapidly on all of the projects that we currently have going. 

Wednesday 16 January 2019
Posted by:  9:59 AM CST

On behalf of everyone involved with the Kibaoni Primary School, I am thrilled to report that the kids are again enjoying a hot meal at lunch time. So important to keep the kids at school for their afternoon classes as opposed to them leaving for lunch and not returning to (more)

Saturday 15 December 2018
Posted by:  11:17 AM CST

The Kibaoni Primary School has a new headmaster.  His name is Beatus Martin. 

Posted by:  4:06 PM CST

I am thrilled to report that all of the repairs and upgrades to the dininghall have been completed on time and on budget.  The KPSF board feels strongly that the succesful compleetion of this project will significantly extend the useful life of the dining hall.