Early Projects 2008 - 2009

Founders took their first initiatives before the foundation was formally created, principally through another foundation (H.E.A.L. Foundation of Illinois) that agreed to assist until the Kibaoni Primary School Foundation could be formally approved as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt fund. Within weeks of our visit to the Kibaoni Primary School of our Smithsonian Tanzanian Safari one of the founders (Darrell R Lund) became a sponsor of a Kibaoni student ready to begin his Advanced Secondary School studies. During our transition to a formal foundation we also addressed two facility needs: running water fountain for drinking and building a new latrine to be used by girls. These two projects were fully operational in 2009.

To learn about our current sponsored students and those students who, with our sponsorship, have completed their studies, please visit the "Student Profiles" section of our website. For details about sponsoring qualified graduates for secondary and college studies click here.