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Support the ongoing development of the Kibaoni Primary School or sponsor a graduate to continue learning. 

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Sponsoring a Kibaoni Graduate

In Tanzania, the government supports primary school education, which is normally a seven year program. In December of the seventh standard (year), students take a national test to qualify for admission to Secondary School. If the student successfully passes the national test, she/he can continue their education providing her/his parents can afford to pay the costs (which for a typical public school amounts to roughly $800 per year). With the annual family income in Tanzania averaging around $400 to $700 per year, many families cannot afford the luxury of sending their children on to Secondary School.

Approximate Costs of Sponsoring

Secondary School (O-Level)
$750 - $900 per year for 4 years

$1,000 - $1,200 per year for 2 years

Public University (Normal program)
$3,000 - $3,600 per year for 3 years

Public University (Medical or Engineering program)
$4,200 - $5,000 per year for 4 years

What will the foundation do for you if you sponsor a child?

The Kibaoni Primary School Foundation will be responsible for sending your scholarship funds directly to the secondary school where your student is enrolled. Working with Madam Mzava, the principal of Kibaoni Primary School, the foundation will obtain a picture of him/her along with a brief family history of the student. Again, through Madam Mzava, the Foundation will get your student an email web address and his/her snail mail address at school so that you may communicate with him/her. You will also receive an annual report on the progress your student is making in school along with recommendations on extra educational assistance he/she might need.

What can you expect from the student?

While the Kibaoni Primary School does teach their students some English, the students in their first 7 years are mostly taught in their native tongue, Swahili. The teaching of English really begins at the Secondary School level, so do not expect a great deal of communications in the first year. The students we are sponsoring this first year of the program, have been given a welcoming email in English plus a snail mail letter from the Foundation.

We must remember that while in the western world, computers are considered an everyday necessity few children in Tanzania have ever even seen a computer. Plus, even letters sent from the United States via air-mail take as many as three weeks to arrive at their destination in Tanzania where mail delivery is often a once a week event. Some current sponsors are assisting their students by learning Swahili to aid communications and also the aid in their students understanding of English.

Believe us, you will learn to appreciate many of the things we take for granted when you learn about life in Tanzania through the eyes of your Tanzanian student. They ask some very interesting questions.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Kibaoni Primary School graduate, please email:

Your help is desperately needed and would be much appreciated by a deserving Kibaoni graduate.