2011 Projects

The major project for 2011 involves constructing a new Classroom Building consisting of two classrooms. With Jim Furner’s passing Sylvia Furner’s family determined to raise funds for building a Classroom Building to be dedicated in Jim Furner’s memory and the wonderful work he did as one of the three foundation founders and as President and primary manager of the foundation. Donations from Sylvia’s family, Jim’s family, and additional friends have provided the funds required.

Construction of this classroom building began in early November. We anticipate the building being completed early in 2012. Once construction is complete Sylvia intends to provide funds to furnish each classroom.

Unfortunately our original solar batteries were stolen from the school. We have just completed building a security room where batteries and other expensive items can be secured. It is large enough to hold selected other items as warranted, including more batteries when we expand our solar panels to other parts of the school.