Dining Hall Repair and Kitchen Reconstruction

We approved $13,000,000 Tsh ($5752) to fully refurbish the dining hall and kitchen which was originally constructed in 2010 thanks to the generosity of the Yale Alumni Tour group, Anne Elbrecht, Jim and Sylvia Furner and many others.  During our school visit in 2017, we discovered that the building was in really bad shape.  The scope of the project is as follows:

  • The main entry door, which was falling off the hinges, is to be repaired and repainted.
  • The side exit door which was unusable, is to be repaired and painted.
  • Three new windows are to be installed to add more light and improved air circulation.
  • Masonry work is to be done on the outside of the building to repair exterior cracks and steps.
  • Internal floor cracks to be repaired.
  • A sink is to be installed so that the students can was their hands before and after eating.  They will also be able to wash their plates and utensils.
  • All broken windows, hinges and latches are to be repaired.
  • Silk paint which is easy to clean is to be applied to all interior surfaces including the ceiling.
  • All exterior wood trim is to be cleaned, sanded and painted.
  • External paint that matches the existing color is to be applied to the entire building.
  • The addition of 3 large vents in the kitchen area above the existing windows to improve the exhaust of smoke and heat.
  • Add covers to the fire pits.
  • Redesign the fire pits to reduce their size and line them with steel so that they require less fuel, produce less smoke and last longer.
  • Fabricate new chimneys to allow the smoke to be properly vented to keep the kitchen clean and protect the building exterior.
  • The addition of a storage canteen for fire wood which will secure the fuel and remove it from the current storage area in the middle of the dining hall.

The project is underway and we hope to have it completed within the next few weeks!  Thanks to our contractors Yusuf and Roger for putting together such a great plan for us!