2021 Projects

Leveraging our Investment in Water

We are so very grateful to you, our friends, for your continued support of our mission.  We fully recognize the economic impact of the pandemic but for those who are able to provide us with further support, several important projects are on the horizon.  First, we are going to be providing water filters on each of the various spigots across the campus – although the water we have tapped with our well is of high quality, these filters will ensure that the students have a safe, clean and sustainable supply of drinking water today and in the future.  Second, a wonderful consequence of bringing water to the campus is the potential to develop revenue generating projects such as a garden that will provide food for the campus as well as food to sell at local markets.  It is our hope that this kind of project will help the children learn gardening skills, as well as skills in running a business.  We are very excited to continue our work with an emphasis on projects that empower the students, faculty and staff.  Lastly, we will once again be targeting a classroom to renovate as part of our annual infrastructure repair and refurbish project.