Friday 24 November 2023

Incredible Upgrades at Kibaoni Primary School

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Following a slowdown in travel groups visiting Kibaoni Primary School due to COVID travel restrictions, we were once again able to complete some major renovation projects at the Kibaoni Primary School this year. Most of these projects were possible thanks to the generosity of a group of travelers- Caring Americans on Safari- who came together to raise over $21,000 USD to support the school. We are thrilled to share the exciting news and celebrate the successful completion of our recent projects:

Classroom Repairs

Classroom 4B, Class 3 Block (A & B), Class 2 Block (A & B), and Pre-Class and Class 1 (Jim Furner Class Block) all received significant improvements this year. The upgraded and repairs included new floors for the classrooms, indoor and outdoor painting, electric wiring in the classrooms was installed to prepare for future connection to the electrical grid, new metal doors, and new blackboards.

Dining Area & Kitchen Upgrades

In addition to the classroom upgrades, the kitchen and dining area received much-needed improvements. The floors were refinished, wiring was run in the walls, and the walls were repainted. The biggest improvement was the installation of new stoves which replaced the smokey, wood-fueled stoves that were previously in use. 

BOOST Project

The Board unanimously agreed to take part in a government program in Tanzania called BOOST. In this program, if a school installs an incinerator, the government of Tanzania will fund a total of 45 new latrines and provide free menstrual hygiene products. These changes will make it less likely female students miss school due to their menstrual cycles. It’s a very progressive program and we were thrilled to approve the funding of the incinerator.

Big improvements are visible at the Kibaoni School, thanks to you! The whole community- teachers, students, families- are invigorated by the recent renovations! The impact of these projects extends far beyond the physical structures. The revitalized classrooms now offer enhanced facilities, improved safety measures, and an overall more comfortable space for both teachers and students. This transformation is a testament to our collective dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of these students!