Thursday 1 October 2020

Water is flowing at the Kibaoni Primary School

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Water is flowing at the Kibaoni Primary School

Through a partnership among a group of Notre Dame alumni, the Water Boys Foundation (, World Serve International (, and our foundation, a well was drilled at the Kibaoni Primary School.  We ended up drilling down 120 meters to an aquifer that will provide significant water yield and quality.  The entire project is aimed at sustainability.  All of the upgraded equipment associated with this project was selected by World Serve in an effort to ensure that this well will operate for many, many years.  Click here to see the project impact report.

Additionally, the well means much more to the students at Kibaoni than clean drinking water.  It provides a level of sanitation that brings health and dignity to the school community.  The kids are now planning on growing vegetables in gardens which will both sustain the school lunch program and open up a new curriculum at the school.  We all feel very, very blessed.

Thank you to all of the wonderful partners, friends and supporters who helped make this dream a reality for the students and faculty at Kibaoni Primary School.  The words "game changer" tend to be overused, but not in this case.

Check out the video of hitting water on the Kibaoni Primary School campus here.