Wednesday 2 August 2017

Powered Up and Ready to Go: Final Phases of Construction Complete

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Jambo Friends of the KPSF!

I have great news. Thanks to your support, the school has completed the final phases of construction!

You'll be happy to hear that the solar system is now functional and power has been restored to the school. Technicians installed a new inverter and moved all the equipment to the library where it should be well-protected. 

Noise-dampening ceiling boards were installed, creating an acoustic environment that will be much better for focus and learning. Additionally, the building was outfitted with both a better venting system and new rear door for secondary egress.

The new library furniture, beautifully hand-made by local artisans, has been delivered, and repairs to the dining hall furniture have been made.

I know you'll join me in congratulating everyone at the Kibaoni Primary School on another great success. Thanks to savvy project management by KPS staff, the building upgrades even came in under budget. 

Headmistress Anna Mzava texted some pictures. Take a look!

All the best,